Molecular Bone Histology Lab


02 Jan 2024

Read our newest publication.



How osteons form: A quantitative hypothesis-testing analysis of cortical pore filling and wall asymmetry.


Solene G. D. Hegarty-Cremer, Xenia G. Borggaard, Christina M. Andreasen, Bram C. J. van der Eerden, Matthew J. Simpson, Thomas L. Andersen, Pascal R. Buenzli

27 Nov 2023

Congratulations for the publication of our review article!



Novel Developments in the Treatment of Multiple Myeloma-Associated Bone Disease


Martin Johansen, Mette Bøegh Levring, Kasper Stokbro, Marta Diaz-delCastillo, Abdul Ahad Khan, Line Adsbøll Wickstroem, Michael Tveden Gundesen, Ida Bruun Kristensen, Charlotte Guldborg Nyvold, Mikkel Østerheden Andersen, Thomas Levin Andersen, Niels Abildgaard, and Thomas Lund

28 Sept 2023

We have openings for post-doc positions. Please contact Prof. Thomas Levin Andersen if you are interested in joining us.

Do you dream of working with molecular histology and histomorphometry in bone? Our lab is looking for a post-doc to investigate the effects of bisphosphanates on bone quality in relation to atypical femur fractures. Details.

Have you ever wondered how bisphosphonates affect bone matrix and can cause atypical femoral fractures?We have an opening for a 4 yr post-doc in our lab for a project in collaboration with @DrRyanRoss and @WallaceBoneLab. Details.

About MBH Lab

We are a world-leading expert in bone histomorphometry and molecular histology, and has developed multimodal histological techniques and data analysis procedures, providing a unique 2D and 3D spatial perspective of the cellular organization of human bone remodelling.

Our studies focused on the bone disease in osteoporosis patients as well as cancer patients including multiple myeloma, breast cancer and prostate cancers. We also investigate how does bone remodeling event change when people age. We have utilized molecular spatial imaging to obtain unique insights into the spatial-temporal cellular organization of human bone. 

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